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Paint Fumes and Pretty Ladies

It is hard to beleive that last Saturday is already the 4th day I have volunteered with Extreme Community Makeover. There was one very big difference...we had no workers so several of us did the project. I shot pictures in between various tasks. Overall, it did not result in my best work and I spent a lot more time in post than usual. I still like to share, though.

Probably the most intriguing task that we performed was spray painting plastic outdoor furniture in order to make it look better? I am still not sure. The best part was that the resident attained the spray paint (along with many other things in her yard) by dumpster diving. Of course if it were not for ECM volunteers helping her, the resident would have probably been forced into assisted living years ago. She does what she has to, and she is why we do what we do.

What made the task truly enjoyable was the lovely ladies painting with me and their total fear of paint fumes, which I understand. It is just that after 11 years in the Army and all the crazy chemicals I have been exposed to (e.g. depleted uranium, fire retardent hydraulic fluid, turbo-shaft oil, etc.) paint fumes are the least of my worries.

Anyway, you can see the full gallery here or flip through the pics below.

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