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Aussies and Bowling on the Lawn

I think that I am finally getting caught up. Australian Rules Football (aka Footy) is something that Americans know little about and yet I find it one of the interesting sports that I have come across. However, Saturday was not about Footy but rather Lawn Bowls, which is very similar to Bocci except on grass. In order to support their quest for another National Championship, the Denver Bulldogs need to raise money, and this is one of the ways that they do it. Anyway, here are some adventures in Lawn Bowling. A sport that pre-dates Trifulgar and the 1500s. For me it was an excuse to get out and shoot very different from what I usually shoot.

Going forward, my intent is to start getting out to their practices and tournaments. Sports photography! Should be fun. The field is huge and I do not really have the right lenses to do it properly. Then again I am always up for a challenge.

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