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The Crowes

Last weekend I took a little trip to Austin. The goal was to capture an important game between the Denver Bulldogs and the reigning National Champs, the Austin Crows. As far as ranking goes, it also carried a lot of importance for this year's Nationals. As a result, I knew it would be some really good Footy with both sides playing their guts out, and that they did. I think the pictures show it. Of course, I underestimated how long it would to pick through a little under 1,900 photos to find these.

In addition to the top pics in that gallery, I have included pics that showcase our hosts performance.

Finally, here is a link to the gallery of all of the pictures that I did not have the heart to delete. Of course, it is comprised of well over 300 pictures, and I would only recommend going through it if you have either a lot of time or you played in the game and want to see if there are any good pictures of you. If you do take the time to wander through please "like" any photos that you really like. The gallery is here on Flickr.

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