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The Fukitz

It has been a day or two since the last time that I blogged. A lot and a little has happened since.

So far 2015 has come in with an aggression. I lost a friend and classmate to an avalanche on New Year's Eve. Then as we were prepared for his Memorial Service, one my mentors and former professors lost his battle with cancer. 2 days. 2 Memorials. I decided I need to get out of Dodge immediately and put some distance between me and Denver. As a result, my roadtrip through the Southwest came to fruition. I started looking for places I have always wanted to see around the Sun Belt, friends who lived there and connected the dots. The dots turned into a 3,500+ mile, 13 National Park, 5 state epic. Just me, my bimmer, my cameras, and the horizon.

This is the first post where I am beginning to share the amazing places that I got to see. There is a certain theraputic value to standing in places that make you feel small. It is a devine therapy.

The trip started out pretty shaky. Not only was I a bit of a wreck, but I did not even get out of Aurora and got a flat. Honestly, it gave me pause. Fortunately, I had a full spare. I took a deep breath and continued. Of course, that meant driving through some remote country with no spare, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

After staying the night in the Springs, I headed south to Great Sand Dunes NP. I think the approach is the coolest thing about the park because it just kind of grows out of nowhere. Once I got there, it was...well...a really big pile of sand. Really big. Here some of my favorite pics. Look for little ants on the dunes. Those are people and most images have people in there somewhere.

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