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The Little Bimmer that Could

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My goal when I started this day was to make it to Monument Valley Navajo Park in time for sunset. However, by the time I was done at Canyon De Chilly the sun was already pretty low in the sky and I knew there was no way I was going to make. So once again I got to see sunset on the highway. I arrived in Monument Valley in pitch black, utter darkness.

Day Three: I was not ready for what I woke up to. I knew immediately it was going to be a good day. After a quick breakfast I set off for the park. On the one hand the vistas were spectacluar, but on the other the road was unpaved and quite rocky. I am pretty sure I was going over terrain that my car was never intended to traverse, but I intrepidly (or at least I beleive it was intrepid) I pushed on.

I recommend looking the pics on the largest monitor you can find. There is a 180 degree panorama in this set. The actual image is over 2 GBs and 10 images stitched together. Its crazy huge, but the one I posted on the web is obviously much smaller. Enjoy.

Next time: The Grand Canyon!!!!!

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