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The Canyon Most Grand

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It is only a relatively short journey from Monument Valley to the Grand Canyon...maybe three hours. This was the first day with only a short drive since I began the trip. The drive gets really good after you turn on to Highway 64 headed to the Grand Canyon, because you quickly start handrailing a smaller canyon that leads into the Grander version.

This was my first time visiting the canyon. Honestly, in the back of my head I thought the hyperbole that usually accompanies it's descriptions alwyas seemed over done. I epected something cool, but not on the level that requires exclamation points. I was completely wrong.

So now the photographer in me has a problem. Many photographers before me have tried to capture the majesty of this canyon in one or any images. Many greats had tried before to include Ansel Adams. So I had to find something different or capture it in a new way that no one really has. Fortunately, the weather was incredibly cooperative.

First, when I arrived there where lots of light poofy clouds. This gave the sky a character not common in most Grand Canyon images. It also provided contrast in the shadows and cut some of the haze. So the afternoon and sunset shots had a unique quality.

Day Four:

Then the next morning when I arrived well before the dawn to catch the sunrise over the canyon, there were clouds lining the bottom of the canyon. I did a little dance. I could not beleive my luck because this is a rare meteorlogical event. The canyon wss a river of clouds.

So enough talk. Enjoy the photos. If you want to see the images larger, click on them and you will be taken to them on Flickr.

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