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Oh, Zion

I finally started heading heading towards home, and while it had been a great adventure thus far, but I could feel the pull of home. I headed out from Mariposa bright and early with the intent of making Hurricane UT that night. In the summer this would be an easy trip but with all of the passes closed through the Sierras, it required I go south all the way to Bakersfield before I could start heading East. Nothing about that drive was fun. Especially the leg from Barstow to Las Vegas. People were driving absolutely bonkers, and then I realized why. It was Friday afternoon and I was on the major highway from LA to Vegas. I was sharing the road with gamblers...and did it ever show. After Vegas, everything calmed down significantly.

The next morning, Zion NP. It is one of teh parks that immediately went on my list of places that I need to go back to. NO need for words just enjoy the 23 pictures. It is so much more epic in person though.

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