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Sleeping Amongst Giants

It is funny that it has taken me a month to write this post. I have had these photos done for a while and they have been posted to Flickr for a while, but I just did not write the blog.

After leaving my friends in Tucson I headed straight for Joshua Tree NP in pouring rain. I had always heard about desert deluges and saw all road signs that warned "this roads floods when it rains" but I thought I would see it for myself. Well, I did. Desert flooding is no joke. Nevertheless I made it out just fine.

Joshua Tree was a pretty unspectacular park or I did it wrong. I probably did it wrong. I still think I walked away with a couple of unique shots.

After Joshua Tree I stayed a friend from West Point and watched the Super Bowl with her family. No pictures of that. After leaving her house I wandered up to San Fransisco via the Highway 1 or better known as the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). In other words I took the scenic route. Theat night I camped in teh Big Sur among the redwoods. It was pretty incredible waking up to those massive creatures.

From there I packed up and finished the trip to San Fran staying on the PCH as long as I possibly could regardless of additional distance. Not to mention, there was next to no traffic. The only time driving in California when there was no traffic. San Fran was all business so there are no pictures from that stop either. I escaped right before rush hour and headed to meet friends in Merced with our goal being to hit Yosemite the next day. So of the 6 days I spent in CA, I only spent 2 in a hotel and I got to catch up with some old friends.

Yosemite is grand. So incredibly grand. It became immediately apparent how Joh Muir and Ansel Adams could spend months getting lost there. Everything is just bigger there. The trees, the rocks, the waterfalls. It is truly an epic place and I only saw the valley.

Here are the pictures. I decided to put all of California in one gallery. There were only 44 keepers so it is not a big gallery.

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