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Nats '14 and the Mountain I Buried Myself Under

Back in October the United States Australian Football League (USAFL) convened it's biggest tournament of the year: Nationals or Nats as it is commonly referred to by the Aussies. It is a tournament that I have played in the past with the Denver Bulldogs. For those that do not know, the Denver Bulldogs have been one of the most dominate teams in the country since the inception of the league claiming 8 of 17 Division 1 titles. Additionally our Women's team has taken the Cup the last 4 Nats in a row. This year we were bringing Division 1, Division 4, and Women's Teams.

Instead of going to play, I went to capture all of the glory with my handy dandy DSLR. Even if none of our teams made it past the round robin portion, I was signing up to shoot 9 games. With the potential of there being 3 additional Grand Final games if the teams made it through.

In the end, our Div 1 team lost some key players early and failed to progress. The Div 4 team went through to their repsective Grand Final only to be taken down by a much younger North Carolina team. However, the ladies once again dominated through the entire tournament and became the first team in USAFL history to win 5 Cups in a row. So 11 games to shoot resulting in 4,602 photos. After editing only 1,116 survived with a mere 65 picked as selects. It only took a paltry 37 hours to process all of those photos. It took so much longer to do this than I ever expected, but it was a great time. Enjoy my top picks from the weekend!

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