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I have been putting a lot of time into the website building the social network abilities of it and adding some new functionality. I am still testing a lot of it, but if you would like to follow me here are some new ways. Now you can be the first kid on the block to read my crazy ramblings.

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The blogging in the near future might be a little slow. I rebuilt my Mac from the ground up last weekend and I am still working on getting everything back to the way it was. Currently, I am missing my watermark file, which is pretty huge.

Paint Fumes and Pretty Ladies

It is hard to beleive that last Saturday is already the 4th day I have volunteered with Extreme Community Makeover. There was one very big difference...we had no workers so several of us did the project. I shot pictures in between various tasks. Overall, it did not result in my best work and I spent a lot more time in post than usual. I still like to share, though.

Probably the most intriguing task that we performed was spray painting plastic outdoor furniture in order to make it look better? I am still not sure. The best part was that the resident attained the spray paint (along with many other things in her yard) by dumpster diving. Of course if it were not for ECM volunteers helping her, the resident would have probably been forced into assisted living years ago. She does what she has to, and she is why we do what we do.

What made the task truly enjoyable was the lovely ladies painting with me and their total fear of paint fumes, which I understand. It is just that after 11 years in the Army and all the crazy chemicals I have been exposed to (e.g. depleted uranium, fire retardent hydraulic fluid, turbo-shaft oil, etc.) paint fumes are the least of my worries.

Anyway, you can see the full gallery here or flip through the pics below.

Mom's Motorcycle

I must say that it is rare to come across something that sums up what a generation is going through in 5 minutes. He offers an incredible perspective. I really have no more to say. You just have to watch it.

Volcano Lightning!!!

Freaking volcanoe lightning! I came across Francisco Negroni's amazing pictures of Chile on 500px. His most jaw dropping photos are by far the ones where he captures lightning that is triggered by the turbulence of an erupting volcanoe. It is a rather rare natural phenomenon, and spectacular when it happens. You can see his 500px gallery here. I am unable to embed his gallery, but it is totally worth checking out.

ECM: My Fodder for People Practice

In a last minute need, I ended up shooting an atypical Sunday Work Day for ECM. Luckily my bag was already packed and I was excited to shoot. The light was very hard that day and the shots required a lot of love in post. I had a flash and I should have carried it with me, but I was lazy. I still got some shots that I really loved. I think the dumpster shot is epic. Below is a gallery of my top picks from the day.

To Golf and To Throw Things

Last Friday I once again got to enjoy one of my company's most lauded benefits: the oppurtunity to golf at Sanctuary. Sanctuary is one of the most exclusive golf courses in the US and tee times are higly coveted. Unfortuantely, I am not into golf so the experience is completely wasted on me, but I grab my camera and have a blast shooting my friends. They do not understand, but photography is my golf.

Here is a collection of photos from the day. The clouds were crazy and the light typically exceeded the dynamic range of my camera. I tried to pull it back in post with varying results.


What am I trying to do with my photography? This is a question that I have been wrestling with a lot lately. If there is one inevitable conclusion that I have come to is that the "normal path" is one that was never meant for me. Were any of us meant to be on it? However, finding the path that is for me is something I have always found elusive. What would make me content?

So enoughness is something that has been on my mind as well. Today I came across this video from TEDx Vail Women. Not only is Christina an incredible photographer. Her expereinces with remote cultures provide a powerful insight into our perception of happiness. Has our constant search for happiness interfered with our ability to be content? And how little does it take to be conent?

Anyway, great video. Beautiful images. It makes me want to become a conservation photographer for sure.

Spring Freeze

I guess to day is catch up day. This is a gallery that I have been working on for a while. Mostly because I have been unable to cull it down to a top 10 or even 20 gallery. So I have called a surrender at 54.

It is actually my understanding of Japanese history that inspired this gallery. Every spring in Japan the cherry blossoms come and viewing them is a very big deal. There are historical roots to this activity. Samurai warriors actually considered the activity mandatory to sit in front of the cherry blossoms and reflect on ones own mortality and fragility of life. Beauty and death.

Well, the apricot blossoms in my back yard were taken too soon by a late spring freeze. I find the wilting of the blossoms captivating. So I spent an afternoon taking pictures of them.

If you want to help me pick the best then just click on the star on the photo (favorite it).

Robots Need Love Too

To understand the title you have to first listen to the song "Robots" by Dan Mangan. The chorus has a way of seeping into my mind and refusing to leave. Anyway, here is a quick set that I took at Converge during the ECM Spring Kick Off. Cute little junk robots.

Beautiful Work Day

Saturday I shot my second work day for Extreme Comunity Makeover for the year. It was a lot fun and a smaller number of projects than I am used to. We only had 4 projects so it gave me more time to take interesting shots. You can either scroll through the entire gallery of 150 pictures here or veiw the best of the day below (just click on the picture below to flip the picture).

We gather to talk about tech....

Nothing fills up a week like having vendors and associates in town from all over the country. On the upside, the festivities that come after all of the hard thinking is done offer no shortage of great moments. So why wouldn't I grab my camera? I am thankful that everyone was as accomodating as they were. I did get some funny faces, but for the most part the evening granted some great candids. Enjoy the gallery here.

Catching Up

There have been several things that I was working on that I finally published on the site.

Of course, the part that is harder than actually posting the pictures is the act of selecting which photos to post. I do not want to overwhelm anyone with hundreds of pictures, but picking some and not others is a painful process.

So what do you think about my selections?

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